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Tiger Shark Adventures Bahamas
Tiger Shark Photo Gallery

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Tiger Shark Trivia

- The tiger shark is considered one of the most dangerous sharks.

- Although shark attacks in general are rare and the tiger shark won’t actively seek out people, the tiger shark is second only to the great white shark in the number of reported attacks on humans.

- Adult tiger sharks average 8 to 14 ft long and weigh 850 to 1400 lbs.

- Tiger sharks swim at an average of 2.4 mph and are known for being sluggish, but they can exhibit short bursts of speed.

- Scientific name: Galeocerdo Cuvier



Bahamas Cage Diving

An Incredible Tiger Shark Adventure

Dive with Tiger Sharks Shark Diving in the Bahamas Cage Dive with Tiger Sharks
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Dive with the Tigers of Tiger Beach

Cage Dive with Tiger Sharks

There's a beach in the Bahamas that's unlike any other in the world. It's located 20 miles off the coast of West End, Grand Bahama, and buried like sunken treasure under crystal clear blue water.

Divers call it Tiger Beach.
A lot of very big sharks call it Home.

What Makes Our Tiger Shark Adventure Incredible?

  • You don't have to be a certified diver.
  • We deliver the biggest of the Bahamas sharks in the shortest amount of time.
  • It's easy to add a day or two of diving to any Bahamas vacation.
  • We have a first-class shark dive team.
  • We supply the shark cage and "hookah style" air supply system.
  • Join a regularly scheduled weekend dive adventure aboard one of our great boats, or schedule a private shark dive adventure aboard your own yacht for family and friends. Just ask and we'll bring our cage and crew to you.

Tiger Sharks VideoTiger Sharks Photo Gallery

Sample Itinerary

Please call for availability

Our Bahamas Shark Adventures begin and end at Old Bahama Bay Marina in West End, Grand Bahama. The Marina is about a 45 minute drive or cab ride from Freeport / Port Lucaya. Several major airlines offer flights into Freeport, or you can take a ferry or private boat or plane to the island from nearby Florida.

Our shark expedition boat departs the dock early in the morning, so you may wish to arrange accommodations at the Old Bahama Bay Resort, located next to the Marina. Travel time to the dive site at Tiger Beach will be about 2 hours. Don’t forget to wear your sunblock and bring a towel, your mask and a camera. You may also want to take precautions for seasickness. Beverages, snacks and a light lunch will be provided on the boat.

Warm, shallow, clear waters and very big sharks make “Tiger Beach” a favorite spot of underwater photographers. We conduct our dives in a custom-built shark cage designed with photographers in mind. We supply a “hookah style” air supply system, so you don’t need to be a certified diver. By eliminating the need for tanks, we make it easier for you to move about the cage and take pictures. We’ll get back to the marina late in the afternoon.

If weather prevents you from diving on Saturday, then Sunday is your dive back-up day. It is really important that you include a back-up day in your schedule.

Tiger Shark Adventure in the Bahamas Tiger Shark Cage Diving Shark Diving in the Bahamas

Details & Pricing

Cage Dives: $875 per person; Top Side Excitement: $375

Price includes expert cage dive instruction, meals and refreshments while aboard our boat. Call for availability 800-644-7382

Dive Team

Joanne Fraser

Joanne Frazer, Dertified Dive Instructor for Shark Diving in the BahamasWhen you cage dive with tiger sharks, you’ll be in the very capable hands of one of our certified dive instructors.

Joanne Fraser loves sharks and loves to share her knowledge of them with others. “JoJo” has spent much of the last seven years working with renowned shark biologist Samuel “Doc” Gruber, helping him to study sharks, especially Lemon sharks in Florida. She has also been involved in researching sharks in the Marquesas and Bahamas.

During one expedition she found herself holding onto a Hammerhead while a transmitter was implanted. Describing the experience, JoJo said, “I never thought I’d be staring a hammerhead in the eyeball.”

Jojo has produced some great underwater photography and video showcasing incredible marine life. What she likes best though is “the reaction on people’s faces when they go on their first dive, or see a shark for the first time.”

Lodging: Our dive boats depart for Tiger Beach from the Marina at Old Bahama Bay Resort. We suggest you stay at the resort, enjoy their first class accommodations, and take advantage of the convenience of rolling out of bed and walking right over to our dive boat. You are free, however, to stay wherever you wish. Perhaps you'd like to overnight on your own boat at the Marina or stay in nearby Freeport.

Dive Requirements: No dive certification is required. You'll be required to supply your own mask and we recommend a 3 mil wetsuit.

Location: Old Bahama Bay is located near West End, the oldest city on Grand Bahama Island. It is approximately 25 miles west of Freeport. Map | Bahamas Info

Shark Guarantee: We cannot guarantee you'll see Tiger Sharks. If you don't see sharks, there is no refund. We can promise you we'll take you to the best possible locations for viewing sharks and do everything in our power to make sure you have an incredible adventure in the Bahamas. We suggest a minimum of two dive days for the best odds of photographing big sharks.

The Weather Warning: The best months for viewing big sharks tend to be the worst months when it comes to weather. We strongly encourage you to have a back-up day in your vacation schedule "just in case", and recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

Shadow Boat Services: Taking your own yacht to the Bahamas? If you’d like a private shark diving adventure for your family, friends or corporate group let us know. We can bring our shark team to your boat. We can provide all that’s needed for a great day, including a dive instructor, shark cage and a hookah system. Scheduling is flexible. Call for pricing.

E-mail or call Cage Diver
today for further details: 800 644-7382

Download or Print the Bahamas Cage Diving Brochure""

Tiger Shark Adventure in the Bahamas Tiger Shark Cage Diving Shark Diving in the Bahamas

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